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Types of Cleanings

*At every hygiene appointment we will review your health history, assess risk factors, determine the need for x-rays, perform a cancer screening, and discuss any concerns.

· Child Cleanings

We recommend starting to bring children in around age 3, sooner if the parent desires or has a specific concern. Included in child cleanings are assessment of oral health, dentition and possible orthodontic concerns, need for sealants and x-rays, and home care guidance and tips. No fluoride products are used. We will address any concerns from the parents or the patients. Our intention is to make these appointments pleasant and fun.

· Adult “regular” cleanings

This type of cleaning is recommended for patients with generally healthy gum tissues or early gingivitis, but no bone loss. It typically can be done in one visit that is about an hour in length, and includes scaling of the teeth above and slightly below the gumline to remove biofilm (plaque, tartar, and bacteria). It also includes polishing the teeth with a nonfluoride paste.

· Scaling and Root Planing, also referred to as a “deep cleaning”

This type of cleaning is recommended for treatment of the more advanced form of gum disease known as Periodontitis, where breakdown of the bone and other tissues supporting the teeth has occurred. It often requires multiple hygiene appointments and can include the use of anesthetics. For additional information on Gum Disease, go to the Intro to Gum Disease section under Hygiene Services, or the Hot Topics section of the Information tab.