Oxygen/ozone therapy is something that truly has brought a paradigm shift to our practice. This technology brings the capability for effective, safe, nontoxic therapies to address the complex infections commonly seen in the oral cavity. With it we can treat and eliminate infection and, in addition, support the surrounding healthy tissue without toxic side effects.

We use oxygen/ozone for a range of procedures such as acute and chronic gum infections, periodontal disease, root and nerve infections, dental cavities, and jaw infections. It is especially useful for treating cavities in children, as minimal drilling is often necessary. We use a state of the art medical grade ozone generator manufactured by Longevity Resources, which produces ultra-pure, contaminant free ozone from pure oxygen. 


What is Ozone? What does it do?

Ozone is an energized form of oxygen. It consists of three atoms of oxygen instead of the usual two, temporarily recombined by ultraviolet or electrical energy.  It forms naturally by the sun’s energy and by the electricity of lightening storms. High in our atmosphere is a layer of ozone that absorbs harmful radiation from the sun, allowing life to exist on our planet and giving the sky its beautiful blue color. Ozone is also formed naturally within our bodies by immune system cells, to kill invading microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasites.

What these infectious organisms have in common is that their cell membranes have weak antioxidant enzyme systems.  Ozone is a strong oxidant and carries a negative charge. When introduced into an infected area, it is strongly attracted to the oppositely charged microbes, easily destroying their cell membranes and killing them, releasing the foreign cell components that further stimulate the body’s immune system response.  Ozone has been proven to eliminate dental biofilms, the foundation of gum diseases. The ozone itself breaks down into oxygen and water, the two primary nutrients of life.

Under typical mainstream practices today, many oral cavity infections are treated by flooding the entire body with systemic antibiotics. This has a number of detrimental effects, including the destruction of our vital beneficial bacteria and the encouragement of resistant strains. If the infection involves viruses, they remain unaffected. Why not treat an infection at its source, with a naturally occurring substance that is truly broad spectrum, has no toxicity and no side effects?