Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Mercury amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury, and continually release mercury vapor. Mercury is the most toxic nonradioactive substance known. If you are among the growing number of people who are concerned about the mercury in your amalgam fillings, and desire to have them replaced with more biocompatible fillings, then you are probably already aware of the importance of removing them carefully and properly. Mainstream dentists routinely drill out mercury amalgam fillings without using safety protocols, not realizing that doing so causes a dangerously high release of mercury vapor that you, the dentist, and the dental staff are exposed to inhaling.

A "biological" dentist is trained in safe mercury amalgam removal techniques, and uses specific protective protocols and equipment to protect everyone involved from unnecessary mercury exposure. Pictured on the right are the specialized vacuum and mercury vapor filtration unit and the supplemental oxygen supply for the patient's safety. Dr Zimmer is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, and follows their safe removal protocols. He has also completed course work through New Directions Dentistry, an organization whose mission is to train practitioners in all aspects of making their practices Mercury-Safe.

Gregory Zimmer DDS in Tacoma WA

If you have symptoms or conditions that you suspect may be related to a high level of mercury in your body, I would strongly recommend first having your toxic heavy metals levels tested. You may have to locate a naturopathic physician to help you, as conventional allergists/physicians often don't look at this. They can do one or more tests that will reveal what your body's levels of mercury, lead, aluminum, etc. are. This information, along with the right guidance, can help to safely begin the removal of heavy metals buildup in the body, and help determine a safe pace for removal of fillings.

If you would like more information regarding details about our amalgam removal protocols, you have options. Feel free to email us with your questions by going to the Contact Us part of this website. Another choice is to go to Dr. Tom McGuire's website (www.dentalwellness4u.com) and see his detailed coverage of this topic. If you have any doubts about whether mercury is released from amalgam fillings, please go to the website of the IAOMT (www.iaomt.org) and see the "Smoking Tooth" video. The Dr. Oz Show aired a segment in March 2013 titled "Are Mercury Fillings Making You Sick?", which can be viewed online and contains an excellent demonstration of the release of this neurotoxin from a mercury amalgam filling.