We recommend bringing children in for their first checkups around age 3, when all the primary teeth have erupted. Children around this age are usually very cooperative, which is really important if we are to get a good look at their teeth and to clean them. We are happy to see them earlier if you desire or if you have a specific concern about your child. We encourage parents to look closely at their child’s erupting baby teeth, and if they have questions about anything, to bring them in for a check or to call us.

If possible, we find it helps young children to be more comfortable at their first appointment if they are able to just observe the appointment of a parent or older sibling. This allows them to get familiar with our office, they will usually develop a connection with a hygienist of an assistant, and they get to see just what happens here. This way they have an idea what to expect when it’s time for their turn. Indeed, the older brother or sister frequently enjoys showing their younger sibling just how things are done and how easy it is. Often this results in a willing and eager child who is looking forward to having their teeth “tickled and counted”, and getting to pick a prize from the “treasure chest”!

Children just naturally like to have fun. Knowing this, our intention is to make a child’s first appointment, and every appointment, a pleasant, fun, and rewarding experience for them, to begin to build the trust that is so necessary for them to develop a positive outlook toward their dental health as they grow older.

So often we treat adults that have a real fear of the dentist, and usually it started when they were a child and had a bad experience. Of course, many people never forget this, and it makes them avoid getting dental care. Our goal is to never be the cause of this for any child, or adult.