Hygiene Services

Addressing Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem experienced by patients both at home and during professional cleanings. Most sensitivity is due either to sensitive root surface exposure associated with receding gums, or from wear areas on the chewing surfaces of teeth that are the result of wear over time.

Most conventional dental offices will recommend the application of fluoride to treat sensitivity. Our office has superior fluoride free options for this common problem. Our hygienists will use a tooth polish containing an ingredient called Novamin that is very effective in reducing discomfort when applied prior to tooth scaling during professional cleanings. We also have available a professional product called MI Paste, that can be used at home for sensitivity.

We do not recommend popular sensitivity toothpastes such as Sensodyne, Crest Sensitive, and others due to their acidic pH, fluoride content, sodium laurel sulfate content, and the presence of other ingredients that are not supportive of health. If you have sensitivity, you must avoid any toothpaste formulated for "Whitening", as these contain abrasives that will perpetuate or even worsen your sensitivity. Additional information on sensitivity can be found under the Whitening and Bleaching section of the Services tab.