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Gregory Zimmer DDS | Introduction/Caution/Advisory/Pitfalls in Tacoma

Gregory Zimmer DDS


Holistic and Mercury-Safe General Dentistry



Whitening and Bleaching



If ever there was a professional dental procedure that gained meteoric success and acceptance, it would be teeth bleaching. It has the ability to add sparkle to a young but yellowish smile or brightness to one that has lost its luster. It can easily take 10 years off a smile that has naturally grown darker with increasing age.  Bleaching has evolved from an in-office procedure applied and managed by dental professionals to a commodity that can be found at shopping malls, county fairs, online, and the local drugstore.  Today we commonly see people with teeth that are so bright white they appear anything but natural. Over-bleaching is becoming the norm for a segment of society. I fully expect that in time dentists will begin to see the emergence of consequences, likely in the form of problems with the nerves of teeth, increases in root canals, root resorption, etc. Bleaching has the potential of going from a relatively innocuous appearance-enhancing procedure to something that induces early aging problems in teeth. We advise moderation in its use and recommend an approach based on sustainability. This will yield brighter but still natural looking teeth and minimize the risk of problems long term.



Gregory Zimmer DDS in Tacoma WA
Tacoma Dentist | Introduction/Caution/Advisory/Pitfalls. Gregory Zimmer is a Tacoma Dentist.

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