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Gregory Zimmer DDS in Tacoma WA


When events occur that ultimately require a tooth being removed, a bridge is usually one option considered for its replacement.  Also on the option list is an implant. Prior to the development of implants, bridges were the primary method of replacing missing teeth. They still are commonly used, especially if there are sturdy teeth on either side of the missing tooth space, or when an individuals health concerns preclude the use of an implant. These adjacent teeth are used as anchors for a permanently cemented or bonded false tooth.  Anchor teeth are called abutments, and they are often covered by crowns or sometimes more conservative attachments like bonded ceramic fillings. A dental lab makes most bridges as one solid piece, so a bridge to replace one missing tooth with crown anchors would look like three crowns in a row with the center one being solid. A different analogy would be a central marble with two thimbles attached on opposite sides. Because crowns are so frequently used in this procedure, one reason a bridge might be selected over another option would be if both the anchor teeth would benefit from having crowns. This usually occurs when these teeth have large fillings already.

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